Accompanying programs

Master of ceremonies, conférencier – an important element for your larger events and also a touch of class for small ones. Technical support can include sound system, wireless microphone, coatroom.
Craft demonstrations – a pleasant and instructive relaxation for you and your guests. Watch or try it yourself and take your work home as a souvenir. Featured examples: decorative wire, candle making, blacksmithing, coin making, basket weaving.
Bartending – lighting, freestyle and bar catering, cocktails in any quantity. Drivers beware! Cocktails can be prepared in non-alcoholic versions too.
Wine tastings – domestic and foreign wines. You will learn new varieties of wine, new scents and flavors. Open new horizons and experience a pleasant time with friends over carefully selected wines.
Cosmetics – Your guests will enjoy relaxing in a comfortable salon chair with pleasant and professional care: Skin typing, cosmetics advice, small cosmetic treatments.
Makeup – offered as a separate beauty services, primarily for weddings.
Dance Performance – our dance performances are offered as routines lasting approximately ten minutes. Couples or groups perform Latin American, classical, or tap.
Another program options - historical fencing groups, fireworks, live statues, aircraft and ship models, etc.
Experiential programs
Quick teaching sessions - crash course in electric guitar playing. One lesson lasts approximately 15 minutes. No one will become a virtuoso in such a short time, but the beginner will learn the basics and the more advanced player will find out where she or he needs to improve.
Crash drum playing course - Individual or group lessons, varying lengths. A real “crash” course!
Other kinds of experiential programs can include singing lessons, self-defense lessons, orchestra conducting, etc.