Rubin String Quartet

Three ladies and one gentleman form this quartet playing two violins violoncello and guitar. Their music is mainly classical, but also includes swing and jazz compositions. Rubin Quartet brings to the Czech music sound originality and diversity of repertoire from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic, to the armchair music, popular songs or musical melodies and evergreens.The original audio file is based on interpretative experience of renowned players. You can admire the musican skills of Rubin Quartet through a CD.

Dita Stejskalova alto Solo

Dita Stejskalova cooperates with various orchestras at home and abroad, especially in Germany. Her repertoire includes almost all periods, from Baroque to the music Specializing primarily on the implementation of oratorio concert works, and also is involved in several theatrical productions. In currently deals with the contemporary music. She cut also several CDs.

String Trio Classic Ladies

Cast band: two violins and cello. This is a group of three talented young musicians, graduates of foreign music academies. Repertoire of the trio is very varied, in addition to classical music, also includes a film and musical tunes.

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